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While most smartphones come upwards with app lockers in addition to fingerprint scanners, they are silent non thence mutual alongside laptops in addition to computers. So, how exercise y’all protect of import files in addition to folders from prying eyes? By using folder locking apps on Windows 10, that’s how. But thence the inquiry is which ane exercise y’all use?

If y’all call upwards y’all don’t ask a folder locker, call upwards again. There tin last many reasons why y’all ask to reckon one.

  • You part your estimator with others
  • Computer has to a greater extent than than ane user
  • You piece of work on a world computer
  • You piece of work inwards a world environment

Either way, it is a skillful thought to password protect a folder. Yes, y’all tin password protect a file past times compressing it with tools similar Winrar, but it’ll certain receive got a lot of fourth dimension to unzip in addition to opened upwards it each time. So, hither are some of the best tools to exercise the same at a faster speed.

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1. Master File Locker

Master File Locker is available on the Microsoft Store. Master File Locker volition create a folder for y’all past times the same call where y’all tin relieve all the files y’all desire to protect. These files tin last inwards whatsoever format. Once all the files are placed within the folder, y’all volition create a password that volition thence protect everything.

 they are silent non thence mutual alongside laptops in addition to computers How to Lock a Folder inwards Windows 10

Note that inwards representative y’all lose your password, y’all are done. There is no way to recover passwords. In a way, this is skillful because this agency no ane has access to the password, in addition to afterward your files.

The app is ad-supported in addition to comes with in-app purchases.

Download Master File Locker

2. Lock-a-Folder

Lock-a-Folder is an opened upwards project, the origin files for which are freely available on Google Code Archive. Unfortunately, the developers receive got chosen to abandon the project, which is sad, Lock-a-Folder silent plant equally advertised on Windows 10. If y’all are a developer yourself, y’all tin work the code to farther create something exceptional for your personal use.

A folder locked past times the app volition also last invisible to regular users equally it volition last hidden from patently view. Create a password in addition to pick out which folders y’all desire to cover in addition to password-protect. Lock-a-Folder is free, opened upwards source, in addition to without ads.

Download Lock-a-Folder

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3. IObit Protected Folder

IObit in all probability offers ane of the best folder lockers for windows users in addition to at that spot is a skillful argue behind it. Apps similar these ask to last updated regularly which exclusively adds to the evolution cost. The UI is real polished in addition to looks beautiful.

 they are silent non thence mutual alongside laptops in addition to computers How to Lock a Folder inwards Windows 10

Not exclusively volition it protect y’all against prying in addition to snooping eyes, but also threats similar ransomware which is exclusively increasing inwards the count during the terminal few years. There is a case version but y’all tin purchase it for exactly $19.95 which is null compared to the peace of heed it offers.

Download IObit Protected Folder

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4. Protect Folder

Protect Folder is the commencement folder locking app inwards the listing that comes with an autolock function. This agency y’all tin gear upwards a fourth dimension in addition to the folders volition last locked automatically after the gear upwards idle fourth dimension has elapsed. This agency fifty-fifty if y’all forget to lock folders dorsum again, Protect Folder volition receive got tending of it on your behalf.

 they are silent non thence mutual alongside laptops in addition to computers How to Lock a Folder inwards Windows 10

You tin also lock files in addition to folders both separately using Protect Folders which is non available on other apps. Other than that, Protect Folder has picayune else to offer. You gear upwards a principal password in addition to create upwards one’s heed which folders in addition to files y’all desire to protect from the basis at large.

Download Protect Folder

5. Advanced Folder Encryption

What almost encryption? 256-bit AES encryption is considered to last the gilded measure in addition to Advanced Folder Encryption app from Kakasoft offers it. The procedure is rather unproblematic in addition to swift. After y’all receive got installed the app on your Windows 10 computer, exactly right-click on the folder or file that y’all ask to protect in addition to enable encryption on it. The encrypted files or folders are password protected.

This way, fifty-fifty if your estimator is hacked or compromised, the hackers volition non last able to gain access or command of the encrypted files in addition to folders. Want to delete an all of import file or data? You know that deleted files are easy to recover using advanced tools. Advanced Folder Encryption volition allow y’all shred files earlier deleting them permanently inwards a way thence that it is almost impossible to recover the files later. Because of that, I recommend y’all to work this characteristic carefully.

 they are silent non thence mutual alongside laptops in addition to computers How to Lock a Folder inwards Windows 10

Last but non the least, y’all tin work this advanced folder locking app to lock an entire pen drive or difficult disk which is real useful. We all work pen drives in addition to difficult disks to backup valuable information in addition to the mightiness to encrypt it exclusively makes it to a greater extent than secure.

I was impressed to run across that it also worked inwards Safe Mode where the estimator is loaded with exactly the bare essential Windows programs, making it fifty-fifty to a greater extent than foolproof. Finally, y’all tin work dissimilar passwords for dissimilar folders. Useful for when y’all are sharing the same estimator with someone else in addition to both of y’all ask to protect their work, exclusively separately.

Advanced Folder Encryption volition toll y’all $29.95 only.

Download Advanced Folder Encryption

6. Folder Lock

The terminal but non the least, Folder Lock plant similar to how the higher upwards folder locking app worked. You tin work it to create a principal password. After that, y’all tin cover files in addition to folders, password protects them in addition to fifty-fifty encrypt all the files in addition to folders thence that inwards the fifty-fifty of a hack, no ane is able to access this information without permission.

 they are silent non thence mutual alongside laptops in addition to computers How to Lock a Folder inwards Windows 10

You tin also lock entire drives with this app using 256-bit AES encryption. You tin also delete whatsoever of import files safely using the shredding characteristic where it volition last deleted such that it cannot last recovered using recovery tools. So what is dissimilar here? The deviation is that Folder Lock plant with cloud storage platforms thence y’all tin recover lost files inwards representative the laptop is stolen in addition to the decrypt everything.

Folder Lock volition toll y’all $39.99 in addition to is completely worth it inwards my opinion.

Download Folder Lock

Folder Locking Apps for Windows 10

These are some of the many folder locking apps available, however, some of them are meliorate than others. If y’all are looking for something unproblematic but with on-going back upwards for futurity threats, which is what I would recommend, larn for IObit Protected Folder. If y’all ask something to a greater extent than powerful in addition to with encryption features, I would recommend Folder Lock above.

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